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Agenda - Reunion Anual 2003, Managua, Nicaragua


Asamblea General - General Assembly

I. Roll Call of Nations and Green Parties- FPVA Co-Presidentes (Gonzalez-MX, Viana-BR, Willebrand-US)- National Reports (All Parties)

II. Welcome Message, Partido Verde Ecológista de Nicaragua- Edward Salazar Cruz, Presidente, PVEN

III. Review and Revisions to Agenda


1. Campaign to Free Ingrid Betancourta. New information from Partido Verde Oxígeno de Colombiab. Proposal for New FPVA Action

2. Legal and Political Crisis of PVEMa. Report from Partido Verde Ecológista de Méxicob. Proposal for Joint FPVA Statement

3. Global Warming and EnergyThe Global Greens Network (GGN) and Global GreensCoordination (GGC) have proposed global warming andenergy policy as the priority issue for worldwideGreen attention in 2004.a. Actions to be undertaken by the FPVA Green Partiesb. Green Energy Policy Meeting, June, 2004 - Germany

4. Ecological Tragedy of Haitia. Defining the Problemb. Proposal for New FPVA Action- Partido Verde Dominicano

5. Nuclear Waste Transportion through the Caribbean Seaa. Report from Partido Verde Dominicano

6. Interoceanic Canal proposed through Nicaraguaa. Report from Partido Verde Ecológista de Nicaragua

7. Regional Trade Issues - American Hemispherea. FTAA (ALCAA) and CAFTAb. Report from FTAA Meeting in Miamic. Water privatizationd. Illegal trafficking in hardwoodse. Genetic patents- Patenting of American life formsf. Pharmaceutical industry control, life sustainingmedications

8. U.S. Occupation of Iraqa. Anti-War Declarations, Green Party of the United Statesb. Proposal for FPVA Action

V. FPVA Organizational Development and Growth of the Green Movement

1. Report on New Green Partiesa. Argentinab. Guatemalac. Other New Green Parties

2. FPVA Website and E-Mail Communicationsa. Proposal to Establish FPVA Comité de Interconexión(Networking Committee)

VI. FPVA Officers and Representation

1. Election of New Members, Comité Ejecutívoa. Secretary of External Relationsb. Other vacant positions

2. FPVA Delegation to World Social ForumJanuary 2004, Mumbai, India

3. FPVA Delegation to 4th Congress of European GreensFebruary 2004, Rome, Italy

4. FPVA Delegation to Green Energy Policy Meeting,June 2004, in Germany