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Reporte - Reunion Anual 2002, Juan Dolio, Republicana Dominicana

DECEMBER 6 –9 2002


After receiving a very warm welcome from the Green Party of the Dominican Republic, represented by Miguel Angel Pimentel; the Secretary General Jorge González Torres, also welcomed the parties present and asked the Second Secretary General, Natalia Escudero, to read the annual report 2002 of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.

DECEMBER 6 –9 2002

The members present started their meeting.

The Green Party of the United States represented by Julia Willebrand and Tony Affigne; Mike Feinstein (California) and Steven Herrick (Michigan) were also present but not as official delegates.

The Green Party of Brazil represented by Antonio Jorge Melo Viana and Marco Antonio Mroz.

The Green Ecological Party of Mexico represented by Jorge González Torres and Natalia Escudero Barrera.

The Green Party of Chile represented by Manuel Baquedano.

The Green Party of the Dominican Republic represented by Miguel Angel Pimentel.

The Green Party Oxígeno of Colombia represented by Juan Carlos Lecompte.

At the last moment the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party Alternativa Verde of Peru, excused themselves of not being able to assist; Peru, because of electoral reasons.

No news from the Green Party of Uruguay.

As an applicant Party: The Green Party of Nicaragua.
As an invited guest: Puerto Rico (which is not a party).

The Annual Reunion of the Federation started with the presentation of the applicant Party of Nicaragua, whose president is Edward Salazar Cruz. Mr. Salazar presented to the Federation a very complete set of documents (history, projects, principals, etc.) after an oral exposition of his party. Steve Herrick, from the Green Party of Michigan, who has lived in Nicaragua, knows Mr. Salazar and the effort this party is making to become an official party in Nicaragua.

After analyzing and discussing Nicaragua, the members decided to receive the Green Party of Nicaragua in a conditional status, as it was with the Dominican Party a year ago. Welcome Green Party of Nicaragua!

Puerto Rico, was a guest invited by Miguel Angel Pimentel. They exposed the importance of creating a Green Party of Puerto Rico. Supposedly, they are interested. Nothing concrete.

Discussed Issues:

1.- Position of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas on Political Violence in the different regions of our continent:
Juan Carlos Lecompte, husband of Ingrid Betancourt, was given the word on this topic, where he described vividly the “War in Colombia” as he confirms that in Colombia there is a war.
First agreement: He asked the Green Party of Brazil to try contacting the elected president of Brazil, Lula, to involve him in the demand for the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas.
Lula, will be traveling to Colombia in the near future.
Second agreement: Ask all Green Parties to write to the elected president of Brazil, Lula, for his support.
NOTE: Antonio Jorge Melo Viana will tell us where to direct our letters.

2.- International Trade Agreements:
a) A document signed by all the parties present, opposing the application of article 7 on Farming Policy of the NAFTA, which is programmed for January 1st, 2003. (Annexed document)
b) To activate the Global Co-ordination positions on FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), on WTO, on peace, on rainforest conservation, and Ingrid Betancourt’s and Clara Rojas’s liberation.

3.- Porto Alegre:
The Green Party of Brazil will definitely be our direct official representative in Porto Alegre, together with Anne Goeke, who also announced she will be going. Other representatives for sure will be going, but at the moment names were not given.
First agreement: The Federation of Green Parties of the Americas together with the European Federation of Green Parties should coincide with the planning of the Green presence in Porto Alegre. The new-elected co-chairs will seek how this could be accomplished, but actions must be taken since Porto Alegre is in January.
Second agreement: The position of the Federation could be inspired by the Canberra Charter.
Third agreement: The Green Party of Brazil will make an organizational Plan A and Plan B for Porto Alegre, depending if they get the Ministry of the Environment, one plan will be more ambitious than the other.

4.- Constitutional proposal for the Federation:
It was agreed on by the majority of the members of the Federation (Chile proposed a simple system), a restructure of the leading Executive Committee.
New Structure:
Three co-chairs:
Julia Willebrand (U.S.A.)
Antonio Jorge Melo Viana (Brazil)
Jorge González Torres (México)

Secretary for Internal Affairs: Natalia Escudero Barrera (México)
Secretary for External Affairs: Tod Sloan (U.S.A)
Secretary of Organization: Marco Antonio Mroz (Brazil)
Treasurer: Miguel Angel Pimentel (Dominican Republic)
Special Member for Human Rights and Environmental Justice: Ingrid Betancourt (Colombia)
Special Member for Gender Rights: Flor de María Hurtado (Peru)

First agreement: The Federation will have three home bases, one from every co-chair.
Second agreement: Articles 3, 15 and 16 will be reformed, which Antonio Jorge Melo Viana committed himself to do.
Third agreement: The Constitution will be translated into English by the United States Greens after its reform.

5.- Website of the Federation:
Steven Herrick from the Green Party of Michigan volunteered to start the website, with another volunteer that will be proposed by Julia Willebrand.
Announcement: The Green Party of the United States announced a donation of 300 dollars to get it started.
First agreement: Other parties of our Federation will also try to give the same donation.

6.- The Green Party of the Dominican Republic:
Held its first assembly on December 7th, 2002 to ratify its statutes and to ratify Miguel Angel Pimentel as President of the Dominican Party
The members of the Federation were then invited to visit their assembly and then to a press conference. All resulting a big success.

7.- Ingrid Betancourt “Honorary Citizen” of Cancún, Quintana Roo:
Juan Carlos Lecompte, husband of Ingrid Betancourt, was given a recognition for his wife Ingrid as “Honorary Citizen” of the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo. This recognition was also handed to him during a press conference.

8.- Other Commitments:
a) Chile will study the case of the Argentinian Greens called “Grupo de Ecología Política”.
b) Brazil will study the case of the two Paraguayan Greens and the case of the Bolivian Greens.
Bolivia, Haiti and Guatemala did not show up even when they announced they would send a representative.
c) A petition is made by the Brazilian Greens to write to:,
Supporting the Brazilian Greens for the Ministry of the Environment.

9.- Proposal for the next Federation Reunion:
Brazilian Greens propose Curitibia, Brazil, for the next Federation meeting approximately for August or September.